Sidi Ergo 4 Mega Road Shoes
Sidi Ergo 4 Mega Road Shoes

I’m a dedicated wearer of Sidi shoes.

I’ve worn Sidi Genius Mega shoes almost exclusively for the past 15+ years on the road, and Dominators for off-road/cyclocross. Prior to that? I wore Sidi Genius/Dominator regular fit shoes … essentially, I’ve been wearing Sidi shoes since the original buckles, the original soles, and since they only had one Velcro strap. Suffice it to say that I am well versed in Sidi.

Light, stiff, and form fitting, no shoe has ever fit my feet as well, which is why I keep replacing older Sidi shoes with newer ones of the same model … until now.

Even Better Than Before

Sidi Dragon 4 Mega MTB Shoes
Sidi Dragon 4 Mega MTB Shoes

For my most recent pair of shoes for 2017, I opted for the Ergo 4 Mega on the road, and Dragon 4 Mega for cyclocross and gravel. The shoes have the same fit as the Genius Mega shoes, but with a pair of Sidi’s Tecno 3 dials instead of the buckle and one of the Velcro straps.

Initial impressions are that they fit exactly the same as my older Sidi shoes, but with a bit finer adjustability at the top of my foot. I’m also digging the Adjustable Heel Retention Device at the back of the shoe. It’s not like heel slip was ever a problem in any of the Sidi shoes I’ve worn in the past, but it’s even less of an issue in these.

I’m looking forward to spending a lot of hours in these shoes.

My only quibble? The insoles are almost nonexistent. As I’ve gotten older and my arches have collapsed, I need more a little more underfoot support inside the shoe, so I’ve had to start using aftermarket insoles.

That said, I’ve still never found another shoe with an upper that better conforms to the shape of my feet or that cups my heel as well with no slip than Sidi. Since the way a cycling shoe’s upper fits is just as important what’s underfoot, it’s going to take something amazing to convince me to change.

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