2016 Ride #37 (Beehive Lolly)

Started off feeling pretty good, breathing okay, legs turning over. And then I hit the 21st East false-flat from hell from 2100 South to Foothill, and just died. I fucking hate that section of road. Current weight: 232.0 lbs (105.2 kg). 2015/16 mileage: 514.4 miles (827.81 km).


Commentary: USA Cycling’s Olympic Team Selection

What is it with National Governing Bodies like USA Cycling and British Cycling taking riders who are coming out of retirement and not performing to their previous standards over younger riders who have proved themselves to be on form and the better riders when competing head-to-head this year? First USA Cycling chooses Kristin Armstrong over […]


2016 Rides #35 & 36

Today: Tuesday: Felt a hell of a lot better today than I did this past Tuesday, as shown by the fact that I was able to do more than just a 6-mile out-and-back. Cooler temperatures today sure helped. Legs felt good, but still having problems breathing. I’m really hoping to get that “oh yeah, this […]


2016 Ride #34 (Holladay-Murray)

Another day, another few miles, and one of my worst asthma attacks ever. I can’t believe I let myself fall this far. Current weight: 228.6 lbs (103.69 kg). 2015/16 mileage: 478.2 miles (769.56 km).


2016 Ride #33 (Beehive Lolly)

First ride at all in over 3 months, and first ride outside in 2016. Legs felt fine. Lungs suck. Current weight: 232.4 lbs (105.41 kg). 2015/16 mileage: 467.4 miles (752.21 km).

Cycling Word Play

Review: At Speed: My Life in the Fast Lane

I am a cycling fan. Once upon a time, I considered myself to be a cyclist as well, but as I keep flipping pages on my calendar, I find myself less-and-less entranced by the prospect of getting out on my bike and suffering … but I am still a cycling fan, and lover of cycling […]