Neutral Service

“Neutral Service” is a phrase that likely had the father of the Tour de France, Henri Desgrange, turning over in his grave when the first Mavic Neutral Service car became part of the caravan behind the peloton at the 1973 Paris-Nice. In the early years of the Tour, riders were responsible for conducting their own […]

Repost: Tour of Utah Women’s Edition Stage 2

(as originally posted on on August 4, 2015. What a difference a day makes. Coming the day after a fairly technical course in Logan in cold, rainy weather, to Ogden’s pan-flat L-shaped course with 90-degree turns on wide boulevards in sunny, warm, and most importantly dry conditions, it was obvious from the beginning that […]

Repost: Tour of Utah Women’s Edition Stage 1

(as originally posted on on August 3, 2015. Logan, Utah (SLS): There is a myth that women’s sport is not as exciting as men’s sport, but to the true fans, it doesn’t matter who is playing … the competition is always exciting, and this is as true if not even more so in women’s […]

2014 Ride #70 (Wasfield Half Loop)

Goal for Sunday; get out BEFORE 1:00pm to avoid the heat of the day. That was energy-sapping. Tour of Utah starts on Monday. I won’t be at the first two stages for the second year in a row. Wednesday will be the Tour of Utah Women’s Edition at Miller Motorsports Park in Tooele … will […]

Reflections on Tour of Utah TV coverage

I’m super happy that the Tour of Utah is getting more television coverage every year, especially live coverage in HD … but there are issues which need to be addressed. Local “talent” Steve Brown (of KJZZ) was calling Slyfox Moonwillow the Ski Utah Yeti on the Stage 5 TV coverage … sigh. Not only is […]

2013 Ride #39 (PRs abound!)

View Larger Map New personal record on the full Sheffield Loop. New personal record from home to the zoo. Okay, so maybe two personal records isn’t really “abound”-ing, but I’m pretty happy about it nonetheless. Now to relax, eat some lunch, and then get ready to head up to the Capitol for Stage 4 of […]