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REVIEW: Sidi Shoes

DEDICATED SIDI WEARER I’ve worn Sidi Genius Mega shoes almost exclusively for the past 15+ years on the road, and Dominators for off-road/cyclocross. Prior to that? I wore Sidi Genius/Dominator regular fit shoes … essentially,…

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End of the Season Musings

It’s amazing how you can spend 2 1/2 months seeing people on a weekly basis and can get to tell exactly who they are by their team kit and riding style, but have absolutely no…

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Crusher in the Tushar 2015 Preview

Originally published on on July 9, 2015 BEAVER, UT: On Saturday, July 11, 2015, 600 riders, including some of the nation’s best road, mountain, and cyclocross racers will descend on the small southwestern Utah…

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2013 Ride #7 (Crusher Bike Shakeout Ride)

View Larger Map It’s a good thing that UTCX will likely not be going back to Wheeler Farm, because the management (Parks & Rec, I assume) is ripping the hell out of the land. See…

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Cyclocross Book Reviews

Anyone who knows me knows how much I love the sport of cyclocross; so much so that was my 9th year officiating the Utah Cyclocross Series. People may not know that I love the history…