Crusher in the Tushar 2017: Squire 3-peats, Holcomb takes her first

In the small town of Beaver, Utah, the second Saturday of July can only mean one thing; it’s time for another invasion of those crazy bike racers for the Beaver County Travel Council Crusher in the Tushar, presented by DNA Cycling, which has been organized by former pro cyclist Burke Swindlehurst, who grew up in […]

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Crusher in the Tushar 2016 Race Report

Originally published on the web by Cyclocross Magazine and in print in the August 2016 edition of Cycling Utah. BEAVER, UT (7/9/2016) – Nestled in the Tushar Mountains, above the idyllic agricultural town of Beaver, Utah, are the roads that make up one of the most brutal events now commonly called a “gravel grinder”. Each […]


Crusher Race Report

As published in the August 2015 edition of Cycling Utah, and as expanded from the original pro race report filed with Cyclocross Magazine: BEAVER, Utah (7/11/2015): In the small southwestern Utah town of Beaver, a town originally settled by Mormon pioneers in 1856 just west of the Tushar mountains, also known as the birthplace of […]

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Crusher in the Tushar 2015 Preview

Originally published on on July 9, 2015 BEAVER, UT: On Saturday, July 11, 2015, 600 riders, including some of the nation’s best road, mountain, and cyclocross racers will descend on the small southwestern Utah town of Beaver for the Fifth Annual Crusher in the Tushar, presented by DNA Cycling. The 69-mile course through the […]


2014 Ride #66 (Pulling the Plug in Beaver)

Yep … I pulled the plug. I almost pulled the plug in Provo on Friday night while driving down to Beaver, but I had to keep going. There were people I wanted to see and encouragement I wanted to give, even if I wasn’t going to do it myself. I honestly didn’t know until I […]


2014 Ride #64 (Emigration Canyon)

Felt much better today than I did the past couple of days, but the climbing was still a little rough. At least I had the legs to finish the climb, even if I did have to stop a couple times. My head has been completely not in the game the past few weeks, as I’ve […]