Cycling Word Play

Review: The Breakaway, by Nicole Cooke

Originally published in the August 2016 edition of Cycling Utah. Few athlete memoirs are well-written, and fewer still are written by women athletes. That The Breakaway: my story, by retired Welsh cyclist Nicole Cooke, is both means that the time it takes to read it is definitely well-spent. Nicole Cooke is a strong-willed, outspoken iconoclast. […]

Cycling Word Play

Crusher in the Tushar 2016 Race Report

Originally published on the web by Cyclocross Magazine and in print in the August 2016 edition of Cycling Utah. BEAVER, UT (7/9/2016) – Nestled in the Tushar Mountains, above the idyllic agricultural town of Beaver, Utah, are the roads that make up one of the most brutal events now commonly called a “gravel grinder”. Each […]

Cycling Jeep Chronicles

2016 Ride #39

So a little over two weeks ago, I had the power steering pump and pressure hose replaced in my Jeep … everything seemed to going fine until the Ophir RR on Saturday. When I stopped at the top of Johnson Pass to do time splits for the field I was taking care of, the Jeep […]


2016 Ride #38 (Zoo/Bee Lolly)

It’s really rather warmish outside, which means that a) my legs felt good and loose, but b) I couldn’t breathe. Of course, if it were cooler outside, I’d be able to breathe better, but my legs would feel like shit … maybe someday I’ll hit the sweet spot again. Current weight: 232.0 lbs (105.2 kg). […]


2016 Ride #37 (Beehive Lolly)

Started off feeling pretty good, breathing okay, legs turning over. And then I hit the 21st East false-flat from hell from 2100 South to Foothill, and just died. I fucking hate that section of road. Current weight: 232.0 lbs (105.2 kg). 2015/16 mileage: 514.4 miles (827.81 km).


Commentary: USA Cycling’s Olympic Team Selection

What is it with National Governing Bodies like USA Cycling and British Cycling taking riders who are coming out of retirement and not performing to their previous standards over younger riders who have proved themselves to be on form and the better riders when competing head-to-head this year? First USA Cycling chooses Kristin Armstrong over […]