I keep telling people I don’t ride bikes anymore, but anyone who really knows me also knows that’s a lie … and even more so in 2014 than the past few years. Even though this has been one of the roughest summers I’ve had in a very long time mentally and emotionally, I’ve still managed to put in more miles than I have in any of the three prior years. If I didn’t touch my bike for the rest of the year, I’ve still outdone myself. I may still be fat and old and weak and out-of-shape and depressed, but I must be doing something right, and I have no intention of hanging up my wheels just yet.

Current weight: 213.4 lbs (96.8 kg).
2014 mileage: 1501.75 miles (2416.83 km).

For comparison, lets check prior year numbers:

2011 by Sept 1 – 648.33 miles (845.48 total 2011 miles)
2012 by Sept 1 – 805.57 miles (1132.64 total 2012 miles)
2013 by Sept 1 – 936.70 miles (1336.66 total 2013 miles)