Supposed to be a medium endurance workout today. Dave said turn an easy gear; so I didn’t use anything taller than a 39×15 (and I’m not even entirely sure I used anything taller than 39×16); while there were a few efforts raising my heart rate, for the most part it was around 150 bpm (average 149 bpm), which I’ve always considered to be my endurance-ish heart rate. When my legs and knees hold out, 150 bpm I can hold pretty much all day; it’s when I start pushing or going above 160 that I really start to feel it. Of course, I’d be happier if I could sustain a heart rate of 130 bpm, but it seems that as soon as I start to pedal I’m at 135.

Current weight: 213.5 lbs (96.8 kg).
2014 mileage: 1831.6 miles (2947.75 km).