Poetry Friday

ASPEN MEADOWS Look. Listen. They are lighting The moon. Be still. I don’t want To hear again that wistful Kyriale of husbands and lovers Stop questioning me About my women. You are Not a schoolgirl nor I a Lecturing paleobotanist. It’s enough that the green glow Runs through the down on your arms Like a […]

Poetry Friday

FALL Fall, falling, fallen. That’s the way the season Changes its tense in the long-haired maples That dot the road; the veiny hand-shaped leaves Redden on their branches (in a fiery competition With the final remaining cardinals) and then Begin to sidle and float through the air, at last Settling into colorful layers carpeting the […]

A contribution …

… for National Poetry Day (Thursday, October 7, 2010): AS YET UNTITLED (a work in progress) Composing words of romance, verses as yet unformed. Visions of hair, long, dark and curled, Of laughing Van Morrison eyes. Freckled skin, kissed by the sun, Slender curves, longing to be caressed. A heart, offered freely, given totally, Not […]

Poetry Friday

SPONTANEOUS ME Spontaneous me, Nature, The loving day, the mounting sun, the friend I am happy with, The arm of my friend hanging idly over my shoulder, The hill-side whiten’d with blossoms of the mountain ash, The same, late in autumn—the hues of red, yellow, drab, purple, and light and dark green, The rich coverlid […]

Video Poetry (Porno Edition)

NEW PORNOGRAPHERS – CHALLENGERS Yes I know it was late We were greeting the sun Before long And you live with someone I live with somebody too Leave it there For safe keeping One of the west village in plains That was the custom Come dawn On the walls of the day In the shade […]

Video Poetry (the unlucky part)

RANCID – FALL BACK DOWN Don’t worry about me, I’m gonna make it alright Got my enemies cross-haired and in my sight I take a bad situation gonna make it right In the shadows of darkness I stand in the light You see it’s our style to keep it true I’ve had a bad year, […]