Two more riders get Papp-smeared

At least, that’s the most reasonable assumption, since neither rider tested positive for any performance enhancing drugs, and were banned based on other evidence … and it is pretty well known that Joe Papp provided USADA with a list of his customers during his own doping investigation. In the first announcement of the day: Neal […]


First Vancouver, now the Tour of Utah?

I’m not sure when I started following the stereotypical Utah trait of claiming anyone with even the remotest connection with the state as one of our own. Hell, I’m not even sure when I started thinking of myself as a Utahn (in addition to being from both a Northern Californian and a Tennesseean). Regardless, it’s […]


An open letter to Cycling.TV

A couple of days ago I wrote a post regarding Cycling.TV’s poor (in my opinion) customer service. Harold Dalton took the time to respond to my post in the comments. I sent Harold the following email AND followed the instructions he suggested in his comments, but thus far, have not received a response to any […]


A ‘Bird takes flight

After a long career on the road, facing all the ups and downs that come with riding for a professional cycling team, Burke Swindlehurst has now entered a new phase … as a privateer both on the road and dirt; but a privateer with a cause, riding for TeamGive, an organization which works to increase […]

Cycling Word Play

A (Cyclist’s) Christmas Story (repost)

Copyright © 1999, by Kent Peterson. Republished without permission, but it’s too good a story not to share. It’s been years now, but I’ll never forget that Christmas… The days had grown short, the snow had begun to fall and my friends and I were all gathered around old man Petersen’s bike shop in the […]

Cycling Movies

‘Cross Reality: the first cyclocross reality show

‘Cross Reality, a new video series, will follow two pro cyclocross racers through their season – VeloNews This cyclocross season, filmmaker Andy Frothingham will be following two professional racers through their seasons, checking in with them at events around the country and at their homes in Colorado between races. The first episode is presented […]