2012 Crusher in the Tushar

BEAVER, UT (07/14/12): They came, they saw, and they crushed. In the small southwestern Utah town of Beaver, a town originally settled by Mormon pioneers in 1856 just west of the Tushar mountains, also known as the birthplace of both the notorious outlaw Butch Cassidy and inventor of the television Philo T. Farnsworth, grey skies […]

Two more riders get Papp-smeared

At least, that’s the most reasonable assumption, since neither rider tested positive for any performance enhancing drugs, and were banned based on other evidence … and it is pretty well known that Joe Papp provided USADA with a list of his customers during his own doping investigation. In the first announcement of the day: Neal […]

Team RadioShack called before UCI Disciplinary Commission

The International Cycling Union (UCI) wishes to announce that disciplinary proceedings will be opened against Team RadioShack, for breaching the regulations governing riders’ clothing. The UCI regrets that an initiative for a cause as worthy as the fight against cancer was not coordinated beforehand with the Commissaires and organisers of the event. This could have […]

An open letter to Cycling.TV

A couple of days ago I wrote a post regarding Cycling.TV’s poor (in my opinion) customer service. Harold Dalton took the time to respond to my post in the comments. I sent Harold the following email AND followed the instructions he suggested in his comments, but thus far, have not received a response to any […]


Much has been written over the past couple of days about the relationship between Lance Armstrong and Alberto Contador, as evidenced in this excellent summary from the BBC: BBC SPORT | Other sport… | Cycling | Armstrong hits back at Contador Lance Armstrong says his Astana team-mate Alberto Contador has “lots to learn” after the […]