2014 Ride #36 (Emigration over the top)

Emigration to Little Mountain summit, then over the top to drop down to UT-65 (East Canyon Road?), then turned around to climb back up the backside of Little Mountain before dropping the canyon and coming home. Knocked 2+ minutes off my personal best time to the summit from the zoo. Man, this training stuff really […]

2014 Ride #9 (House of Watts FTP Testing)

House of Watts FTP testing tonight. Gotta tell you, the concept of this scared me a bit. Warm-up started off pretty well, but needed to dial back the FTP a bit during a 5-minute 100% block … so when the test itself started, my legs didn’t really want to ramp it up, so I put […]

2014 Rides #7 & 8 (HOW & Home Spin)

Garmin mix-up at House of Watts, so no fancy-schmancy Strava embed … oh well … at least I still spun-out my legs for a little while. HOW 1/20/2014: 18.39 miles Home 1/20/2014: 7.29 miles Current weight: 207 lbs (93.9 kg). 2014 mileage: 147.3 miles (237.06 km).

2013 Ride #58 (Reservation Recovery Loop)

View Larger Map Good thing today was a recovery day, because my legs didn’t have much more in them. Usually, it’s a struggle for me to keep my heart rate below 150-something. Today, I maxed out at 145 and my overall average was 129. Yes, the schedule did say to go easy, and I went […]

Chamois time!

If chamois time is training time, then he just got in a good 90 minutes … on the couch, waiting for the rain to stop. Got a text from the short one as I was getting ready to leave work suggesting an easy spin. Since Sunday’s ride was rained out, and Saturday’s ride left a […]