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Poetry Friday

APRIL 15TH Taxes due, the anniversary of Henry James’s death, & a brilliant sky rinsed of pollen & glare by yesterday’s record rain. From the magnolia in my front yard the Mexican workers who are here to fix the foundation of my house have hung their lunches in grocery bags–they look like large dull light […]

Current Events Utah

Lunatics in the Legislature

You know that post from earlier today about the IOC’s idiotic decision to elect Pat McQuaid? Never mind that, this is much worse. Pull out of climate coalition, panel urges Herbert Gov. Gary Herbert would be asked to pull Utah out of the Western Climate Initiative under a resolution passed Friday by a House panel […]

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Stimulate me!

President Obama’s stimulus package passed both houses of Congress. Lots of provisions to stimulate the economy. Here’s how it directly affects me, right now. Stimulus measures that may help your wallet – Feb. 13, 2009 Making Work Pay Credit: The bill provides a $400 credit per worker and a $800 credit per dual-earner couple. The […]

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Republicanism Explained

Okay … now this is some funny shit … I’ve just snipped an except, but you’ve gotta go read the full thing. First Draft: Republicanism Explained Well, I’ve done a lot of observing and thinking, and it seems to me that the Republican party stands for two things. Tax cuts are the cure for everything, […]

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Tax time …

Some years, I love tax time … other years, I hate it. Last year, I really hated tax time; because I rented for much of 2007, my income was such that I owed a few hundred dollars when I filed my return; money which I couldn’t afford to pay, and which was deducted from my […]

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Bread and circuses

From this morning’s Wall Street Journal: ‘No’ Votes Came From All Directions The fatal “no” votes to the financial rescue package came from a strange-bedfellows coalition of lawmakers, from the most conservative to the most liberal members of the House, with a large number of representatives from low-income districts angry that Wall Street seems to […]