Poetry Friday

FALL Fall, falling, fallen. That’s the way the season Changes its tense in the long-haired maples That dot the road; the veiny hand-shaped leaves Redden on their branches (in a fiery competition With the final remaining cardinals) and then Begin to sidle and float through the air, at last Settling into colorful layers carpeting the […]

Poetry Friday

RECESSION A grotesquerie for so long we all ignored it: The mammoth plastic Santa lighting up On the Quik-Stop’s roof, presiding over pumps That gleamed and gushed in the tarmac lot below it. Out back, with pumps of their own, the muttering diesels. And we, for the most part ordinary folks, Took all for granted: […]

2009 Ride #32

View Larger Map This has been a bad week for me in a lot of ways … but thankfully, I have a woman who adores me (even if she is 800 miles away), and generally have decent health and can get out and ride my bikes. Not a great day on the bike today, but […]

Another trip around the sun …

CROSSROADS   The second half of my life will be black to the white rind of the old and fading moon. The second half of my life will be water over the cracked floor of these desert years. I will land on my feet this time, knowing at least two languages and who my friends […]

Video Poetry (Forever Edition)

ALKALINE TRIO – GOODBYE FOREVER Take your wings outside You can’t fly in here Besides a purple sky Is better soaring For you my angel You’re an angel You little devil As for me I’ll stay inside I’ll be a spy And I’ll watch from the window Cannot categorize The nature of this sickness A […]

Sore mouth …

I’ve not been as diligent about going to the dentist the past few years as I should have been … but a couple weeks ago, one of my teeth started acting up, and I decided that it was finally time to get diligent again. The verdict? I need a crown and a couple fillings … […]