Video Poetry (Gaslight Edition)

THE GASLIGHT ANTHEM – THE ’59 SOUND Well I wonder which song they’re going to play when we go I hope it’s something quiet, mannered, peaceful, and slow When we float out into the ether Into the everlasting arms I hope we don’t hear Marley’s chains before July ‘Cause the chains I’ve been hearing now […]

Cycling Skiing

C’est fini …

… so now what am I going to do with my Saturdays for the next several months? The Utah Cyclocross Series has come and gone for 2008 … and it’s time for Steven to go skiing, if/when we finally get some snow.

Word Play

Poetry Friday

JOEY AWAKE NOW Some poems, right some poems. I’m a lover of poems. And yes, we lovers of poems must stick together. Don’t mind me. Pardon? Glenn? Glenn? Glenn. It is nice to meet you, Glenn. You are thinking you are in luck. Because look, a strange old man has joined you at the bar. […]