Cougars v. MILFs

It’s been too long since I’ve been part of any bar scenes to really have a current take, but when I lived in San Francisco (1989-2001), a cougar was NOT something that any woman should aspire to be. Cougars were older women, once attractive, but a bit past their “sell-by” date; typically trying to pass […]

Life Utah


The old cliché is that “home is where the heart is”, and if that’s true, then home is one of three places … as always, home will be Chattanooga, Tennessee, where I spent my formative years, and where much of the extended family that I really consider to be FAMILY reside. Home will always be […]

Word Play

Poetry Friday

TO THE MUSE Nieves Is a girl From Scranton, Pennsylvania, Came to San Francisco To the poetry, the music, the cafes, And art as Turkish Bath. And had been told A grandmother she’s never seen in Mexico. She goes To visit that small village. Grandmother A little woman ninety-two years old Who greets her standing […]

Current Events

Prop 8 protests in SLC

Thousands protest LDS stance on same-sex marriage – Salt Lake Tribune Opponents of a measure that banned gay marriage in California took their outrage to the spiritual hub of Mormonism on Friday. More than 3,000 people swarmed downtown Salt Lake City to march past the LDS temple and church headquarters, protesting Mormon involvement in the […]


Video Poetry (Steady Edition)

TWO GALLANTS – STEADY ROLLIN’ You might have seen me ‘neath the pool hall lights. Well baby I go back each night. If you got a throat I got a knife. Steady rollin’, I keep goin’. I don’t mind how quick the seasons change. You know to me they’s every one the same. The sweetest […]

Current Events

A nomad growing roots

Nomads at last | Wireless communication is changing the way people work, live, love and relate to places—and each other, says Andreas Kluth. Illustration by Bell Mellor AT THE Nomad Café in Oakland, California, Tia Katrina Canlas, a law student at the nearby university in Berkeley, places her double Americano next to her mobile […]