Don’t blame the Republicans

WASHINGTON — With Congress increasingly paralyzed by the partisan fury of the midterm elections, the Senate on Tuesday voted against taking up a major military bill that includes a provision allowing the repeal of the “don’t ask, don’t tell policy” regarding gay soldiers. Senate Republicans voted unanimously to block debate on the bill — the […]

The Party of “Hell, no!”

I love it when a magazine with a decidedly conservative bent takes the American right to task for some of its idiotic tactics. It is sad to report that the American right is in a mess: fratricidal, increasingly extreme on many issues and woefully short of ideas, let alone solutions. At a time when redesigning […]

Ms. Palin, your fifteen minutes are over …

… we would certainly appreciate it if you decided to disappear now. You don’t have what it takes to carry a national ticket. The longer you stay in the spotlight, the more of a wack-job wingnut you prove yourself to be … and while many of us actually like that you keep shooting yourself in […]

Jason Chaffetz is an idiot

Jason Chaffetz is the freshman Representative from Utah’s 3rd Congressional District; primarily southwest Salt Lake County and Utah County. He has been documenting his first year in Congress for The except below is from a recent commentary on the economic stimulus package, which Rep. Chaffetz claims will do nothing to help the average American. […]

Republicanism Explained

Okay … now this is some funny shit … I’ve just snipped an except, but you’ve gotta go read the full thing. First Draft: Republicanism Explained Well, I’ve done a lot of observing and thinking, and it seems to me that the Republican party stands for two things. Tax cuts are the cure for everything, […]

Lawmakers paid to stay home in bed

A sweet deal? Lawmakers paid to stay home in bed – Salt Lake Tribune For years now, taxpayers have shelled out hundreds of thousands of dollars every year, compensating Utah legislators for lodging, even though many of the lawmakers never set foot in a hotel. As the Utah Legislature convenes this year, the 104-member body […]