Don’t blame the Republicans

WASHINGTON — With Congress increasingly paralyzed by the partisan fury of the midterm elections, the Senate on Tuesday voted against taking up a major military bill that includes a provision allowing the repeal of the “don’t ask, don’t tell policy” regarding gay soldiers. Senate Republicans voted unanimously to block debate on the bill — the […]

This ain’t the place …

DESCENDENTS – THIS PLACE This place sucks I haven’t found a single thing to call my own And there’s nothing left for me to do Just play the game, pretend to do work No my boss isn’t a jerk It’s just this place This place sucks I’ve been slinking through the halls Like an unwashed […]

Jason Chaffetz scares the crap out of me, but …

… I think he’s doing the right thing, here: Chaffetz won’t earmark road funds, gives state cash – Salt Lake Tribune Washington » Rep. Jason Chaffetz plans to punt about $15 million to the Utah Department of Transportation instead of earmarking it himself, saying merit — not politics — should determine what roads get built […]

Ms. Palin, your fifteen minutes are over …

… we would certainly appreciate it if you decided to disappear now. You don’t have what it takes to carry a national ticket. The longer you stay in the spotlight, the more of a wack-job wingnut you prove yourself to be … and while many of us actually like that you keep shooting yourself in […]

A plan?

A-Train asked me today how I see the plan helping people (while avoiding answering my own question to him on how he would try to fix the problems facing our nation today). I see the plan creating jobs by putting people to work building and updating necessary infrastructure and investing in our energy future, instead […]

Jason Chaffetz is an idiot

Jason Chaffetz is the freshman Representative from Utah’s 3rd Congressional District; primarily southwest Salt Lake County and Utah County. He has been documenting his first year in Congress for The except below is from a recent commentary on the economic stimulus package, which Rep. Chaffetz claims will do nothing to help the average American. […]