USA Cycling does it again …

USA Cycling does it again, and what “it” is is making decisions that really don’t make a whole lot of sense from a quality of racing or rider development standpoint, but purely as a way to shore up finances. I read the press release. I read the article on I’ve thought about it for […]

Don’t blame the Republicans

WASHINGTON — With Congress increasingly paralyzed by the partisan fury of the midterm elections, the Senate on Tuesday voted against taking up a major military bill that includes a provision allowing the repeal of the “don’t ask, don’t tell policy” regarding gay soldiers. Senate Republicans voted unanimously to block debate on the bill — the […]

Loving the Obama Kool-aid, so far.

Knowing that many of the Obama faithful (and a number of skeptics) have been disappointed with some of his choices to fill various Cabinet positions, I found this article in Thursday’s Financial Times to be quite astute. / Never mind the team: the president does the moves The campaign poetry is long forgotten. Barack […]

Land of the Free?

Lost amongst the wreckage of the current financial crisis is the latest news of the Bush Administration’s utter disregard for civil rights. Feds give customs agents free hand to seize travelers’ documents (09-23) 17:06 PDT SAN FRANCISCO — The Bush administration has overturned a 22-year-old policy and now allows customs agents to seize, read and […]

Thank you, GOP!

From the New York Times: Bailout Plan Stalls After Day of Talks; Paulson Heads Back to Capitol Hill – WASHINGTON — The status of a rescue plan for the nation’s financial system was in doubt on Thursday, at least for the moment, as lawmakers emerged from a meeting with President Bush to say that […]

Which world are we in?

Richard Baldwin, Professor of International Economics at the University of Geneva, in Switzerland, has the following to say at Crisis roundtable: Which world are we in? | Free exchange | It seems that banks and bank-like financial firms have two fundamental problems: 1) An investment problem. They have investments that cannot be traded […]