Poetry Friday

TO PURITY I have heard so much about you if you claim to be you I will know it’s not true if you say nothing I will listen as I do with my own old mixed feelings of hope and reservation hearing through them whatever might be you the way I see the white light […]

Video Poetry (Rainy Edition)

TONES ON TAIL – RAIN ooh the rain ooh the rain she said, time to crush this feeling writing very long letters as soon as it rains ooh the rain ooh the rain to dance the night away he watches topless pin-up faces a million different jackpots with a thousand different gazes ooh the rain […]

I already told you once, It’s Not Porn!

Warning: The trailer below contains some nudity. If you don’t want to see it, then don’t look! It’s Not Porn – A Documentary (Trailer) from Cianna Stewart on Vimeo. The initial trailer is ready for Cianna P. Stewart’s new documentary It’s Not Porn: Behind the doors of a modern pin-up company. As a reminder, the […]