Going AMA

2017 has been a shit year for me so far on the bike, but not for the same reasons as years past where I just wasn’t motivated. This year, I’m in a pretty good space mentally, and have actually been really jonesing to ride, but I’ve been sidelined with injuries keeping me off the bike […]

If I had a superpower …

Why hello there again Dysthymia! Wish I could say that I’ve missed you, but that would be a lie, and I’ve always prided myself on being honest … at least to others, if not always to myself. Every once in awhile, I come across some sort of personality quiz that either asks what sort of […]

2014 Ride #31 (HOW Anaerobic Surges)

I think this workout could also be lovingly referred to as “F*%k Me Ouch This Is Going To Hurt” … I think anytime you see segments over 100% that pain is going to play a role; and when you see multiple segments at 140%, it’s really going to hurt. And you know what? It did. […]

2014 Ride #21 (HOW Tempo+Surge)

I should have never wound my cadence up to 189 during the Rockefeller Skank … but I couldn’t resist; and I definitely paid the price afterwards. But it’s about enduring pain and getting stronger, right? Current weight: 208.8 lbs (94.7 kg). 2014 mileage: 423.5 miles (681.48 km).

Poetry Friday

THIS WAS ONCE A LOVE POEM This was once a love poem, before its haunches thickened, its breath grew short, before it found itself sitting, perplexed and a little embarrassed, on the fender of a parked car, while many people passed by without turning their heads. It remembers itself dressing as if for a great […]

Poetry Friday

DEAR MIGRAINE Dear Migraine, You’re the shadow shadow lurking in me and the lunatic light waiting in that shadow. Ghostwriter of my half-life, intention’s ambush I can’t prepare for, ruthless whammy you have me ogling a blinding sun, my right eye naked even with both lids closed— glowering sun, unerring navigator around this darkened room, […]