IFC (Independent Film Channel) showing ads mid-film?

I am completely ticked off by Rainbow Media’s recent decision to start adding commercial breaks in the middle of the films being shown on IFC (the Independent Film Channel). IFC is a premium channel on Comcast, so I am already paying extra for the privilege of watching films on IFC … but I am NOT […]

Armstrong’s blood values “suspicious”

According to DR, the leading Danish media conglomerate, Armstrong’s blood values at this year’s Tour de France are suspicious, and could be indicative of blood doping. Paraphrasing Google’s translation of the DR article: Evidence suggests that Lance Armstrong used blood doping during the Tour de France, says one of Denmark’s leading blood researchers, Jakob Mørkebjerg […]

Waiting …

BILLY BRAGG – WAITING FOR THE GREAT LEAP FORWARDS It may have been Camelot for Jack and Jacqueline But on the Hugo Chavez highway filling up with gasoline Little Donald Rumsfeld spies a rich lady who’s crying Over luxury’s disappointment So he walks over and he’s trying To sympathise with her but he thinks that […]

Speaking of Adnausea …

From the Wall Street Journal (subscription required): On the Web, Signs of a Click Recession Google Feels Pinch As Ad Growth Slows; Sweeter Deal for Yahoo? By KEVIN J. DELANEY February 27, 2008 Internet advertising may be showing itself more vulnerable to a consumer slowdown than many in the industry had hoped, according to new […]

Changes …

Going through the process that I have been over the past several months, one of the things that I’ve discovered (not that it was much of a surprise), is that I’m rather resistant to change. I hate it. I’ve also realized that I need to start making some changes in my life if I want […]