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2012 Ride #11 (First Emigration Attempt)

View Larger Map First attempt of Emigration Canyon for 2012. Made it further up the canyon than I thought I would (I thought Ruth’s or Camp K might be a stretch), but not quite as…

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2012 Ride #8 (yep, only #8 … and first in 6 weeks)

View Larger Map First ride in nearly 6 weeks … and oddly enough, it didn’t hurt nearly as much as I thought it was going to. Oh, sure, my legs were tight and my heart…

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Why hasn’t Sheffield been riding?

Here’s what’s going on. I know that I’m fat and out-of-shape, and have been for awhile, but I’ve been finding it much more difficult than usual to get out and ride this spring than usual,…

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2011 Ride #15 (Looking for redemption)

View Larger Map … but didn’t find it today. Lungs and heart rate were even less cooperative today than they were yesterday; throw in a charlie horse in my left hamstring, and strong winds blowing…

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2010 Ride #38

View Ascent activity on 05-Sep-10 at 10:23AM in a larger map Felt much better than yesterday, at least legs and lungs. Heart rate was still through the roof when I wasn’t pushing myself, though. I…

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2010 Ride #16

View Ascent activity on 15-May-10 at 12:32PM in a larger map Felt like complete shit today … think my lungs may have worked better in the 1990s when I was still a smoker … I…