A Day in the Canyon

Headed up to Solitude today, but the legs were a bit noodly, so I took it easy; a few runs on the front side, then a nice run through Honeycomb Canyon, dropping from the lower traverse below Prince of Wales Mine … then stopped at a few pullouts on the way back down the canyon […]

Fresh, clean air!

Fab time at Solitude Mountain Resort today; felt really good to get up out of the gunk, breathe some fresh, clean air and carve a few turns. Because it hasn’t snowed in several days, there was very little powder to be found … lots of crud and breakable crust, but Woodlawn (down the middle of […]

Honeycomb Canyon (1/2/2011)

Bluebird day at Solitude Mountain Resort today … Photos shot with Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX3. Best run of the day, from the top of Summit lift through Honeycomb Canyon, up Honeycomb Return, then drop to the Roundhouse for some good potato-cheddar soup. View Ascent activity on 02-Jan-11 at 11:50AM in a larger map

Honeycomb Canyon

My favorite ski loop … from Moonbeam Lodge up Moonbeam lift, down Main Street to Sunrise lift, Summit Access to Summit lift … then through Summit gate into Honeycomb Canyon, along the Honeycomb Cliffs traverse towards Prince of Wales, then dropping into Woodlawn back to Honeycomb Return lift to Gary’s Glade or Sunshine Bowl, back […]

Acres of powder …

… and Honeycomb Canyon was closed due to avalanche danger. Spoke to a couple members of the ski patrol who said that they may be able to open the canyon Monday afternoon, but more likely on Tuesday. Apparently they have about 15 different spots along 5-6 routes that they need to check and control if […]

Solitude Day #5

I took today (Friday) off work … the weather has been so nice the past few days, and since I didn’t get a chance to ski last weekend due to digestive issues related to a change in diet (8 pounds lost so far!), I was going stir-crazy by Wednesday. Put in for a vacation day […]