2015 Ride #47 (A Loop but not The Loop)

Y’know, I know that one shouldn’t wear earbudswhile riding a bike, but I do it anyway, and I’m usually listening to some sort of punk or garage rock … turned up louder than it should be. Every once in awhile, I’m reminded of why it’s not a good idea, like today, when the Rev snuck […]

2015 Ride #46 (Millcreek/Murray/Holladay)

Felt the need to pedal really easily today, and this is about as flat as it gets in SLC without having to drive somewhere else. Current weight: 224.2 lbs (101.7 kg). 2015 mileage: 827.4 miles (1331.59 km).

2015 Ride #42 (Two-sided Lolly)

Didn’t feel so good when I started out, so originally was just doing the Beehive Lolly, but as I got closer to home I started feeling a little better, so I kept going south and added on a little Murry Lolly as well. Maybe I should call it the Q-tip. Eh, who cares? It is […]

2014 Rides #60 & #61

Forgot my water bottles when I first left and had a slight stomach cramp issue … so after returning home to grab bottles and deal with the tummy situation, went out again for another short, flattish ride. Was breathing a lot easier today, but legs were really heavy and sluggish. Doesn’t matter. I got to […]

2012 Ride #28

View Larger Map Not a very good day … back was hurting, stomach not in great shape, head not completely in the game. Headed up to the zoo, then back down 20th East. Stopped back at home for a few minutes to take a “natural break”, then headed back out and south along Holladay Blvd. […]

2012 Ride #10 (Sheffield Loop)

View Larger Map First time I’ve managed to do the Wasatch Loop (which my friend Jennie dubbed “the Sheffield Loop” a couple of years ago) this season. It was hot. I hate the heat. Except I seem to ride really well (for me, anyway) when it’s really hot. Ambient temperature was 88-93 range; but according […]