De-hyping the Amgen Tour of California

As the Amgen Tour of California gets ready to start, Team Jelly Belly’s (and future Team Rapha cyclocross team member) Jeremy Powers was profiled recently by Cyclocross Magazine … and the first sentence in the article got my gander up. Not because of anything J-Pow related, but because of short phrase: Jeremy Powers (Jelly Belly) […]

The Framebuilders’ Collective

For Immediate Release 26 February 2009 Indianapolis, Indiana Eight professional framebuilders from three countries have spent the last 24 months working together to create an international organization which they hope can strengthen the trade, pay homage to its past, and work towards ensuring that its future is bright and profitable. The Framebuilders’ Collective is a […]

Video Poetry (Please Hold)

TIM ARMSTRONG – HOLD ON I’m gonna hold on to you as long as I can. I’m gonna hold on to you as long as I can. And if you choose to leave me, girl, I’ll understand I’m gonna hold on to you as long as I can. Just like the Mississippi Our journey starts […]

Tilting at windmills vs. eyes on the prize.

Clinton focuses on West Virginia; Obama, on future WASHINGTON (CNN) — The outcome of West Virginia’s primary Tuesday may best be foretold by where Sens. Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama plan to spend the day. Clinton is expected to be in Charleston, West Virginia, to celebrate what should be her large victory. Obama has no […]


Days of Me   When people say they miss me, I think how much I miss me too, Me, the old me, the great me, Lover of three women in one day, Modest me, the best me, friend To waiters and bartenders, hearty Laugher and name rememberer, Proud me, handsome and hirsute In soccer shoes […]

Waiting …

BILLY BRAGG – WAITING FOR THE GREAT LEAP FORWARDS It may have been Camelot for Jack and Jacqueline But on the Hugo Chavez highway filling up with gasoline Little Donald Rumsfeld spies a rich lady who’s crying Over luxury’s disappointment So he walks over and he’s trying To sympathise with her but he thinks that […]