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fixed gear

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2011 Ride #2 (Fixing Holladay)

View Ascent activity on 29-Jan-11 at 02:00PM in a larger map Didn’t motivate quickly enough this morning to head up to Solitude to ski today, so I went for a ride this afternoon instead. I…

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2011 Ride #1 (Back in the saddle)

View Ascent activity on 17-Jan-11 at 10:51AM in a larger map With apologies to Gene Autry: Back in the saddle again Spinning my legs like a fiend, Where the fixed-gear riders roll, On the goddamned…

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2010 Ride #18

View Ascent activity on 22-May-10 at 02:31PM in a larger map Rode the fixed gear to Sugarhouse Park to watch the Pro/1/2 Sugarhouse Criterium race … suffered a bit on the ride over, but surprisingly…

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2010 Ride #17 (Big Ass Brunch Ride)

View Ascent activity on 16-May-10 at 02:23PM in a larger map Not a big ride, but a big ASS ride, because of how big I expect my ass to grow after this morning’s brunch with…

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2010 Ride #14

I’m skipping the details on posting ride #14, because it was basically just a couple short ones from Liberty Park to Pioneer Park and back on the fixed gear … with several hours hanging out…

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A (Cyclist’s) Christmas Story (repost)

Copyright © 1999, by Kent Peterson. Republished without permission, but it’s too good a story not to share. It’s been years now, but I’ll never forget that Christmas… The days had grown short, the snow…