AMA no more

Got cleared yesterday by my orthopaedist to ride on the road; still can’t do off-road/gravel for a few more weeks until my broken elbow heals some more, but it’s a start. I can tell I’ve got a long way to get before riding a bike is comfortable again; even though the neck pain and associated […]

2013 Ride #48 (Beehive Lollipop)

View Larger Map It’s amazing how quickly your fitness goes away after 3 weeks off the bike; especially when you didn’t have much fitness to start with … so I decided to stop in at Beehive Bicycles to clear a small debt and see how Greg was doing. Then I find out that sunuvabeech steals […]

2010 Ride #43 (Post-surgery ride #1)

View Ascent activity on 23-Dec-10 at 01:22PM in a larger map This was one of the most exhilarating and painful things I’ve done in a long time. First time back on the bike after breaking my arm on September 25 … 11 miles, about 800 feet of climbing, and I felt it all; legs and […]

2009 Ride #47

View Ascent activity on 18-Oct-09 at 12:31PM in a larger map First time on the bike in 3 weeks … my Saturdays have been busy with the UTCX series, and the past couple of Sundays were either bad weather or otherwise booked (such as a trip to the zoo last weekend). I could tell that […]

2009 Ride #33

View Larger Map Oh my God … I actually felt good today … legs were a little stiff when I first started off, but by the time I hit the mouth of Emigration Canyon, they were nice and loose, and my breathing was going fairly well too … I didn’t have to pull over to […]

2009 Ride #4

View Larger Map Second longest ride of the season, and first ride with more than 1000′ of climbing; hit 1400′ in about 22.5 miles. Heart rate was high from the get go; topped out a 179 (higher than my theoretical maxHR, and according to MotionBased, that is zone 7.1), and except for the first couple […]