Video Poetry (Kept Edition)

TANYA DONELLY – KEEPING YOU I’m keeping you i’m keeping you I’m keeping you so realize your fate I’m keeping you i’m keeping you I’m keeping you so settle down now You landed here from inner space You landed with that screwed-up look on your face I wanted you from way back when I wanted […]

Video Poetry (Youthful Edition)

EELS – IN MY YOUNGER DAYS In my younger days This wouldn’t have been so hard I would’ve just shrugged it off But now it’s tough I’m not so rough I’ve got a little ways to go It’s not over yet, I know But it feels Not so far away In my younger days This […]

More pain!

Margin Calls Throttle Thornburg By DONNA KARDOS March 7, 2008 2:08 p.m. In the latest sign of how badly firms have been hurt by the credit crunch Thornburg Mortgage Inc. Friday said there is “substantial doubt” about its ability to continue as a going concern, citing deterioration of prices of mortgage-backed collateral and a liquidity […]

Video Poetry (part hell-even)

DOA – THE PRISONER Apartment walls, halls are small Government building site much too small These tiny boxes won’t let me out These tiny boxes are too remote It’s a screaming mess Television city dream Your robot’s eyes gleam In my future dream Yeah hey! It’s not fate or chance It’s the money in the […]