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2010 Ride #2

View Ascent activity on 30-Jan-10 at 02:01PM in a larger map Ride #2 for the year, and it’s obvious that whatever fitness I gained on my trip to Arizona over Christmas is now gone. With…

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Southern Accents

I’ve always really enjoyed old music, but I’m beginning to get scared, because a lot of the “old” music I’m discovering is from the 70s. First, my friend Chris (he of Supersuckers management “fame”) up…

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Round Two

As I noted a couple posts ago, I have officially become a propagandist, by posting and helping to share the Keating Economics documentary video, which goes into John McCain’s connections to Charles Keating, Jr., and…

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I already told you once, It’s Not Porn!

Warning: The trailer below contains some nudity. If you don’t want to see it, then don’t look! It’s Not Porn – A Documentary (Trailer) from Cianna Stewart on Vimeo. The initial trailer is ready for…

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It’s Not Porn!

An old friend of mine in San Francisco, Cianna Stewart (one of the Sexiest Geeks Alive), is becoming quite a prolific independent filmmaker … her latest project, just going into production, will be a documentary…

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Just got done watching the film Shortbus, written and directed by John Cameron Mitchell (of Hedwig and the Angry Inch fame). This was one of the most fascinating movies I’ve seen in a long time…