Motivation (and lack thereof)

It’s a gorgeous spring afternoon … and what am I doing? I’m sitting on my couch composing this stupid blog entry about my complete and utter lack of motivation to get outside and do anything. I think part of my malaise today comes from reading Mama Grrrlie’s most recent blog entry on turning 39. MG […]

Sometimes, things just have to be said …

… and this is what I’ve recently had to say to the two most important women in my life. Letter to my mom this past weekend, for her 72nd birthday: Want to wish you the happiest of happy days today … or at least as happy as a day that coincides with the anniversary of […]


So the previous post is just general good advice, based on a few recent splits that I’ve witnessed. But seeing how these splits evolved has certainly given me insight into how I handle my own splits. My own recent long-distance relationship dissolved this past week; not because of anything bad, but because 800 miles was […]

The Do’s and Don’ts of Splitting Up

I don’t think that going public with whatever the problems were is appropriate. He/she hasn’t said a single bad thing about you, but you have put all sorts of negativity out there about him/her. Because of the tone of that, his/her position is currently more sympathetic. That doesn’t mean that behind the scenes he’s/she’s in […]

I find this sad …

Having battled my own demons over the past few years, I find this story to be really sad … I know that I gave Tyler a lot of shit on my blog over the past few years, but even so, he always struck me as one of the most gracious people in professional cycling; especially […]

Okay, people …

… what’s with all the fascination about pro cyclists’ personal lives? Recent search strings leading people to my blog: Tyler Hamilton divorce Tyler Hamilton IRS Lance Armstrong divorce Will Frischkorn divorce Greg Lemond divorce Richard Sachs gay Michael Balls Floyd Landis Floyd Landis gay Tyler Hamilton gay These are all Google search strings that have […]