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An Open Letter to Rep. James Matheson

Dear Rep. Matheson — I cannot believe that you support removing the Environmental Protection Agency’s ability to implement water quality guidance for mountaintop removal sites (as demonstrated by your vote in roll call #129, supporting amendment #109 to H.R.1). I cannot believe that you support removing the EPA’s authority to protect citizens and residents of […]


Contador might be “innocent”

Okay … I’m not a Contador fan, and it’s doubtful I ever will be … so when I first heard the news about his positive test yesterday, part of me was overjoyed. But now more details are available; specifically the UCI release regarding the positive test, and the levels of Clenbuterol which were detected. “The […]


Contadouche is Contadoper?

Tour de France champion Alberto Contador has scheduled a news conference for Thursday to address reports of an apparent positive test for the bronchodilator clenbuterol. Contador, a three-time winner of the French national tour, apparently tested positive for the drug in tests conducted on the final day of this year’s race and was notified of […]


The Latest on the Doping Front

News from Italy: The Italian Olympic Committee (CONI) announced that the examination of Italian cyclocross rider Vania Rossi’s B sample has returned a negative result for EPO-CERA. CONI released the news on its website on Friday with the statement, “In the B sample analysis for Vania Rossi, conducted in the period from March 29 to […]


Got ‘roids?

From – the world centre of cycling: Neben, others sue Hammer Nutrition over contamination Mark Zalewski, North American Editor American cyclist Amber Neben, along with professional triathletes Rebekah Keat and Mike Vine, filed a lawsuit in a California district court last December against Hammer Nutrition, maker of Endurolytes. The lawsuit alleges that the product […]