An Open Letter to the KRCL Board of Trustees

It’s no secret that I’ve been critical of the way that KRCL 90.9FM has been programmed and run over the past several years since the Board of Trustees hired on Vicki Mann. Since Ms. Mann has been on board, the station declined immensely in the quality of the music being played during the weekday programming […]

Stepping back a bit …

I just had a very long and what I think is a productive conversation with Amy Dwyer at KRCL 90.9FM. I explained my (and what I believe to be “our”) point of view about what is happening at the station. She explained the station’s point of view. I do believe that the station does care […]

An Open Letter to KRCL (updated)

I was blocked from posting to KRCL’s Facebook wall, and all of my previous posts (including the link to the KRCL petition on have been deleted. I can’t believe that KRCL’s response to dissension from their paying listeners who are fighting to save KRCL by engaging other listeners on Facebook is to block them […]

KRCL Shock and Horror

During the final day of last week’s KRCL 90.9FM community fund drive, the station allowed Bad Brad Wheeler to what he does really well … picking music to play on the radio … and from what I underststand, the station had its biggest ever 4-hour take during his show; over $12,000.00. Part of me really […]

More on KRCL format changes

As I’m sure you’re aware, based on my post earlier this month about KRCL, I’m not happy with recent changes at the station; in fact, I started a petition on titled KRCL Radio: Think Globally, Program Locally to help voice frustrations that I (and other like-minded people) have been feeling. I got the following […]

Dear KRCL: Think Globally, Program Locally

KRCL 90.9 FM recently changed their programming, trimming Jamie Gadette’s Morning Show & Ebay Jamil Hamilton’s Midday show down to three hours each (from their previous four); in the two hour block opened up from 6:00-8:00 am, KRCL is now programming a syndicated show from NPR called World Cafe. Personally, I’m against it. I feel […]