Video Poetry (Patriotic Edition)

Yeah, sure, this song may technically be about about the fight for Irish freedom, fighting against an oppressive British regime, but the sentiment is valid in every nation being oppressed by its government, including our own. For if anyone believes that the citizens of the United States are truly free anymore, they are seriously deluded. […]

Video Poetry (Religious Edition)

BAD RELIGION – AMERICAN JESUS I don’t need to be a global citizen ‘Cuz I’m blessed by nationality I’m a member of a growing populace We enforce our popularity There are things that seem to pull us under and There are things that drag us down But there’s a power and a vital presence It’s […]

Waiting …

BILLY BRAGG – WAITING FOR THE GREAT LEAP FORWARDS It may have been Camelot for Jack and Jacqueline But on the Hugo Chavez highway filling up with gasoline Little Donald Rumsfeld spies a rich lady who’s crying Over luxury’s disappointment So he walks over and he’s trying To sympathise with her but he thinks that […]

Human Rights? Or merely temporary human privileges?

Ostensibly, this is supposed to be a cycling and/or skiing related blog … but over the years it has certainly developed into so much more … and for those of you who continue to come back and read my scribbles, I am grateful for your indulgence. It’s 9 months until the actual 60th anniversary of […]

Super Tuesday …

I don’t think it’s a secret who I’m supporting … but regardless of yours, my, or anyone’s political beliefs, if you are in a Super Tuesday primary state, be sure to go vote tomorrow. I don’t care who you support. Well, that’s a lie; I do care, but what matters more is that you vote. […]