Sunday mornings

I’ve always enjoyed Sunday mornings … from going to Sunday School and then services at First Baptist Church of Chattanooga, Tennessee with my great-grandmother when my age was still in the single-digits, to my current more adult-oriented fare (no, not porn) of double cappuccino, CBS Sunday Morning, Face the Nation, and the New York Times. […]


The old cliché is that “home is where the heart is”, and if that’s true, then home is one of three places … as always, home will be Chattanooga, Tennessee, where I spent my formative years, and where much of the extended family that I really consider to be FAMILY reside. Home will always be […]

2009 Tour of Georgia Cancelled

I completely missed this on VeloNews and this past Friday, just stumbling across this article on the BBC this morning. BBC SPORT | Other sport… | Cycling | 2009 Tour of Georgia is scrapped The Tour of Georgia, one of American’s cycling’s most prestigious events, has been cancelled for next season. Created in 2003, […]


This is the John McCain that I once respected, and for whom in years past, I would have considered voting … well , except for the Sarah Palin comments in the middle of the speech. If this had been the John McCain that had been campaigning for the past several months, I feel the election […]

I love finding new music

… but even better than just finding new music in general, is finding new music by someone you thought had disappeared. A couple years ago, Kim and I went back to Chattanooga to visit some of my family, and to go to the annual Riverbend Festival. While there, I discovered a great rockabilly band called […]

Defined by places …

Is it cheesy to crib a post for your own blog from comments that you’ve left on someone else’s? Fastgrrrl wrote today about having a sense of place, and how places leave their mark on people. My place … I’m still trying to determine exactly where my place is … It’s the Tennessee River, drifting […]