I Think I CANyons Benefit Ride

Got the following email from local Utah rider Alex Rock this afternoon. Seems like a great cause, so reposting in the hopes of generating some interest for the ride. For those that don’t already know, I am planning a charity bicycle ride this summer to raise money for the Fourth Street Clinic (an organization that […]

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Tax time …

Some years, I love tax time … other years, I hate it. Last year, I really hated tax time; because I rented for much of 2007, my income was such that I owed a few hundred dollars when I filed my return; money which I couldn’t afford to pay, and which was deducted from my […]


Blogging for a cause (and good music)

Anyone who knows me knows what Neko Case does to me … between the voice and the red hair, I’m generally reduced to a quivering pile of Steven when I’m listening to her. So it should come as no surprise that I’m really looking forward to her newest album, entitled MIddle Cyclone, which is due […]

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Renewal of faith

It’s never been a huge secret that I’m not the biggest fan of this time of year. No, not because it’s winter, but because it’s Christmas-time … the mass commercialization of the season has really started to get to me, even more so than usual. Christmas is about being with people, not about buying stuff, […]


Giving of oneself …

I’ve got a lot of causes that I support … perhaps too many, because I find I’m always getting solicitations in the mail (and email) asking for more and more of my money. To some extent, it’s hard for me to even remember everything I’ve given money too, until I go back through my finances […]

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ONE: The Campaign To Make Poverty History

What is The ONE Campaign? ONE is a new effort by Americans to rally Americans ‘ONE by ONE’ to fight the emergency of global AIDS and extreme poverty. The ONE Campaign is engaging Americans through a diverse coalition of faith-based and anti-poverty organizers to show the steps people can take, ONE by ONE, to fight […]