2013 Ride #49 (House of Watts)

I went to the Plan 7 House of Watts this evening for my first of hopefully many classes this winter. Just shy of 14 miles, 156bpm avgHR. More stats I can’t recall. I left in pain, but it’s a good pain. I got home to news that Chris “Pepe” Sherwin lost his battle with cancer. […]


2012 Ride #45 (UTCX #8 – Cross Out Cancer)

View Larger Map The day did not start off well. Glued up new tires last night (big mistake, I’m sure) and promptly flatted my rear tire so badly that even 2 bottles of Stan’s sealant wouldn’t make it ridable; and since I still ride 9-speed Campy, my skinsuit adventure almost seemed over before it began […]


2012 Ride #43 (UTCX #6 pre-ride)

View Larger Map I figured that since I’m racing at Cross Out Cancer next weekend at Wheeler Farm, I should probably turn the pedals over once or twice on the ‘cross bike before I get my ass handed to me. Of course, I will still be getting my ass handed to me, but at least […]


UTCX Cross Out Cancer

What the hell have I gotten myself into? I *am* planning to ride the 35A race at UTCX Cross Out Cancer … and hopefully I’ll raise some money in the process … but it’s been slow going so far. Hopefully, that will change … especially now that the skinsuit has been picked up. UTCX ‘Cross […]


Kit up, buttercup

People keep telling me how much they want to see me kit up and “race” at this year’s Cross Out Cancer event … well, if I’m going to kit up, then I need you to pay up. Please help me support the Huntsman Cancer Foundation by donating through the link below. My goal is to […]

Cycling Life

Rider Down – Dr. Matthew Wade “Bronco” Bradley

Matt “Bronco” Bradley died on Tuesday, March 20th. I didn’t know him nearly as well as I would have liked to, but the time I did spend with him affected me deeply, and I am going to miss him terribly. In many ways, I am an equal opportunity offender … I will make fun of […]