2014 Ride #100 (FH Res Loop S & N)

Rolled over 2000 miles for 2014 yesterday; and today was my 100th day on the bike this year. Not too shabby. Current weight: 212 lbs (96.2 kg). 2014 mileage: 2016.8 miles (3245.76 km).


2014 Ride #90 (2x Res Loop)

Drove from SLC to the Arizona Base Camp yesterday; got out today to loosen up the legs with a couple of quick-ish loops through the reservation. After sitting in the car all day yesterday, the movement was much needed … and I didn’t do too badly, setting my best time on the loop itself, and […]


2013 Ride #63 (Needle Rock-Yavapai Gravel Grind)

View Larger Map My Arizona Base Camp trip is coming to an end for 2013 … today, tomorrow, and then I’m driving home on Monday, back to the cold, back to the smog, back to the House of Watts. It will be interesting to see how my first workout back on the Computrainer goes once […]


2012 Ride #49 (Fountain Hills-Needle Rock)

View Larger Map First ride of the 2012 Arizona training “camp” … 30 miles, pristine roads, 1300 feet of vertical (not a lot for an area called Fountain Hills), and my heart rate was skyrocketing for good chunks of the ride. Isn’t it supposed to be easier to breathe at lower elevations? Considering that it […]


2012 Ride #48 (Sheffield Loop)

View Larger Map Back still having spasms but was able to get out and turn over the pedals; felt a lot better than yesterday, but not entirely well. The fact that I’ve only been on my bike a couple times since the beginning of UTCX season probably has something to do with that; but felt […]



Once again, it’s that time of year … time to sit back and reflect on all that I am thankful for. I continue to rediscover my love for the bicycle, even though my lungs continue to rebel … and I’m looking forward to my “training camp” in Arizona. I still have a good job, which […]