Poetry Friday

LEAVES 1 Every October it becomes important, no, necessary to see the leaves turning, to be surrounded by leaves turning; it’s not just the symbolism, to confront in the death of the year your death, one blazing farewell appearance, though the irony isn’t lost on you that nature is most seductive when it’s about to […]

Poetry Friday

IN VAIN The stars in the sky In vain The tragedy of Hamlet    In vain The key in the lock       In vain The sleeping mother       In vain The lamp in the corner          In vain The lamp in the corner unlit             In vain Abraham Lincoln                         In vain The Aztec empire                            In vain The writing hand: in […]

Video Poetry (Un-American Edition)

NOFX – FRANCO UN-AMERICAN I never thought about the universe, it made me feel small Never thought about the problems of this planet at all Global warming, radioactive sites Imperialistic wrongs and animal rights! no! Why think of all the bad things when life is so good? Why help with an ‘am’ when there’s always […]

America’s crisis worse than Japan?

America’s crisis in a historical context | Worse than Japan? | The Economist THERE is one consolation for the depressing instability of finance. History offers a rich array of banking crises from which policymakers can draw lessons—and against which today’s rescue plans can be judged. According to an IMF database, there have been 124 “systemic” […]