The last Trooper Tale

After 5 years and 6 days, I got rid of my Isuzu Trooper this past Friday evening. It’s had a number of problems over the past year, and it just go to the point where I was tired of throwing money at it, just to keep it running. After replacing the brakes last summer and […]

Crust and dust

Interesting weekend, coming to a close … went out to dinner with a great friend on Thursday night for some yummy goodness at Squatters downtown, then a quiet day at work on Friday. Saturday was supposed to be a ski day, but unfortunately, the tiny little headache I woke up with on turned into a […]

A quick summary to get caught up

Wow, have I been lax on posting anything original lately. As often happens, life has taken a few unexpected turns and I just haven’t really gotten around to it. For the past several months, I was dating a really incredible woman. Unfortunately, it was a long-distance relationship and the 800 miles of separation became too […]

2009 Ride #49

View Ascent activity on 31-Oct-09 at 06:37AM in a larger map A ride is a ride, right? Had to take the Trooper to the shop on Saturday to get the clutch replaced … but also had to get to Wheeler Farm for UTCX #5 … so, dropped off the Trooper, then rode the fixed-gear down […]

Two-ply (or double-wrap)

Man, am I tired … and I didn’t even race this weekend! The double weekend started on Saturday at Rocky Mountain Raceway, and Marek Shon (of Cyclesmith) designed an incredibly difficult course including sections of the motocross course. Steep run up (dubbed The Pride Killer) leading into a hairpin descent under a bridge into a […]

Crazy weekend

So after yesterday’s ride, I was pretty much wiped out in the evening … was thinking about going to bed about 9:00, when I get a tweet from the Reverend Big Ring, who was at the Bayou quaffing Chimay with his lovely fiancée Rachel, the Husla (who of course was not drinking), and a few […]