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Once again, it’s that time of year … time to sit back and reflect on all that I am thankful for. I continue to rediscover my love for the bicycle, and while my mileage still isn’t where it was several years ago, I was on track to match (and likely surpass) my 2009 mileage, and […]

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Honeycomb Canyon

My favorite ski loop … from Moonbeam Lodge up Moonbeam lift, down Main Street to Sunrise lift, Summit Access to Summit lift … then through Summit gate into Honeycomb Canyon, along the Honeycomb Cliffs traverse towards Prince of Wales, then dropping into Woodlawn back to Honeycomb Return lift to Gary’s Glade or Sunshine Bowl, back […]

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Acres of powder …

… and Honeycomb Canyon was closed due to avalanche danger. Spoke to a couple members of the ski patrol who said that they may be able to open the canyon Monday afternoon, but more likely on Tuesday. Apparently they have about 15 different spots along 5-6 routes that they need to check and control if […]

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Crust and dust

Interesting weekend, coming to a close … went out to dinner with a great friend on Thursday night for some yummy goodness at Squatters downtown, then a quiet day at work on Friday. Saturday was supposed to be a ski day, but unfortunately, the tiny little headache I woke up with on turned into a […]

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Fun with iPhone camera apps

  One of the fun things about having an iPhone is the various apps available for it … especially some of the camera apps. For example, the top photo is a pretty standard shot of Lake Solitude, taking on my iPhone. The bottom version was created using the Lo-Mob app available in iTunes. I’m going […]


First turns

The first day of skiing each season is always a little on the iffy side … and yesterday was no different. Headed up to Solitude and could pretty much tell right from the start that it was not going to be a fabulous day when I had trouble getting my boots on. I guess I […]