Service and Referrals

I work for a large mail-order company that sells outdoor recreational goods; one of those businesses that small retailers say are killing brick-and-mortar stores … and to some extent that might be true. I hope not though, because I sure do like having a local shop to go to for things. I do realize that […]

Christmas Eve Ski Day

First ski day of the season. Always takes a little bit of time for the feet get used to the boots … and the weight that I’ve gained over the past couple of years doesn’t help, as it’s made my feet wider, and thus more painful clamped inside the boots. Current weight: 225.0 lbs (102.06 […]

2015 Solitude Day #2

I’ve had a cold for the past week-plus, another one of those sinus affecting the ears things. After missing HOW classes this week to make sure I didn’t infect anyone else, and after spending all day on the couch yesterday, I had to get outside and do something today. Hoped a little fresh air and […]

2015 Solitude Day #1

First time on the slopes in 2 years. Forgot how much fun it is, and how beautiful it is up Big Cottonwood Canyon. Other skiers can go to Little Cottonwood Canyon all they want; just leave Solitude to me … because the fact is that I much preferring spending my time skiing than standing in […]

Brighton Night Ski

View Larger Map That was fucking fun. I need to do this more often. And at only $20.00 (thanks to coupons found online), it’s cheap and easy fun … even though runs are somewhat limited (due to the availability of lights), what there is is plenty challenging in the dark, and not much in the […]