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Poetry Friday

HEROIC SIMILE When the swordsman fell in Kurosawa’s Seven Samurai in the gray rain, in Cinemascope and the Tokugawa dynasty, he fell straight as a pine, he fell as Ajax fell in Homer in chanted dactyls and the tree was so huge the woodsman returned for two days to that lucky place before he was […]

Media Movies

IFC (Independent Film Channel) showing ads mid-film?

I am completely ticked off by Rainbow Media’s recent decision to start adding commercial breaks in the middle of the films being shown on IFC (the Independent Film Channel). IFC is a premium channel on Comcast, so I am already paying extra for the privilege of watching films on IFC … but I am NOT […]

Cycling Movies

Le Vélo de Ghislain Lambert

In the 70s, there was Merckx and there were the others. Ghislain Lambert was one of the others. This is his story, a quite simple one. The story of a modest Belgian bike racer. His greatest ambition in life? To become a champion. His greatest tragedy? Not having the legs his heart deserves. It took […]

Cycling Movies

‘Cross Reality: the first cyclocross reality show

‘Cross Reality, a new video series, will follow two pro cyclocross racers through their season – VeloNews This cyclocross season, filmmaker Andy Frothingham will be following two professional racers through their seasons, checking in with them at events around the country and at their homes in Colorado between races. The first episode is presented […]