Going AMA

2017 has been a shit year for me so far on the bike, but not for the same reasons as years past where I just wasn’t motivated. This year, I’m in a pretty good space mentally, and have actually been really jonesing to ride, but I’ve been sidelined with injuries keeping me off the bike […]

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An Open Letter to the KRCL Board of Trustees

It’s no secret that I’ve been critical of the way that KRCL 90.9FM has been programmed and run over the past several years since the Board of Trustees hired on Vicki Mann. Since Ms. Mann has been on board, the station declined immensely in the quality of the music being played during the weekday programming […]


REVIEW: Sidi Shoes

DEDICATED SIDI WEARER I’ve worn Sidi Genius Mega shoes almost exclusively for the past 15+ years on the road, and Dominators for off-road/cyclocross. Prior to that? I wore Sidi Genius/Dominator regular fit shoes … essentially, I’ve been wearing Sidi shoes since the original buckles, the original soles, and since they only had one Velcro strap. […]


REVIEW: Silca Perfection

SILCA SUPERPISTA & SUPERPISTA ULTIMATE PUMPS Since 1917, Silca has been the pump of choice of the professional peloton because of their reliability and serviceability. They are the only pump manufacturer that has been offering fully rebuildable products for their entire existence, now approaching 100 years. I’ve had a love affair with Silca pumps since […]

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Service and Referrals

I work for a large mail-order company that sells outdoor recreational goods; one of those businesses that small retailers say are killing brick-and-mortar stores … and to some extent that might be true. I hope not though, because I sure do like having a local shop to go to for things. I do realize that […]


USA Cycling does it again …

USA Cycling does it again, and what “it” is is making decisions that really don’t make a whole lot of sense from a quality of racing or rider development standpoint, but purely as a way to shore up finances. I read the press release. I read the article on I’ve thought about it for […]