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2016 Ride #39

So a little over two weeks ago, I had the power steering pump and pressure hose replaced in my Jeep … everything seemed to going fine until the Ophir RR on Saturday.

When I stopped at the top of Johnson Pass to do time splits for the field I was taking care of, the Jeep decided to dump all it’s power steering fluid on the side of the road. Topped off the pump and made it off the mountain … only to have lost power steering again at the bottom. Topped off the pump again, and made it to Tooele, only to lose power steering again. Topped it off a third time and once again, lost it within a few miles. Dropped off the Jeep at the mechanics who “fixed” it the first time, and borrowed the Visit Dallas DNA Pro Cycling team car for a couple of days just to make sure I had a way of getting around (especially to a job interview) if necessary.

Jeep is fixed today; threw my bike on top of the team car and drove it back to Millcreek to return it; pulled the bike off the roof and rolled downhill to the shop to pick up the car. Even though I was coasting almost the entire way, I think I lost the same amount of sweat that I would during a normal ride … it’s freaking hot out there today.

Does it count as a ride? Damn straight. I pedaled once or twice and I sweated … therefore I rode.

As for the Jeep; turns out the new pressure hose had a faulty O-ring. Got that replaced (no charge) and all is well again.

Current weight: 232.0 lbs (105.2 kg).
2015/16 mileage: 535.3 miles (861.42 km).