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Rock-N-Roll Radio

So I’ve been watching the new series “Vinyl” on HBO, and while it’s early going yet, it reminds me of what I love about rock-n-roll … it’s fast, it’s loud, it’s dangerous, it scares people, it makes people think, it gets people excited … or at least it used to.

This is what I wish local community radio station KRCL 90.9FM would be like … I want to be excited by radio again. I want to hear music that I’ve never heard before, music that makes people go “whoa, what the fuck was that I just heard” … I want to hear the modern equivalent of the Velvet Underground & New York Dolls, the next Dead Boys and Cramps, the reincarnation of Black Flag and the Dead Kennedys and Flipper.

I want to turn on the radio and be challenged by the music I hear … and I don’t mean challenged to stay awake or not puke because of how mind-numbingly soft and sweet that it is. I want the musical equivalent of whiskey and cocaine and heroin all rolled up into one mind-blowing explosion after explosioin after explosion.

I want to feel excited about giving money to KRCL, and not like it’s just another obligation. I want a to hear music that inspires me to do something else other than tune-in another station instead.

How about deeper cuts of bands that have been around (or gone) for awhile to show just how incredible they are? I don’t care in what era music was released, or even necessarily what genre it is … but I want it to be different than what I hear all the time.

I love love love the Clash … one of my favorite bands of all time. When I heard Brad Wheeler play “Radio Clash” on Friday, I actually yelled out “YEAH!” in the car because it was so incredibly refreshing to hear something other than “London Calling” or “Guns of Brixton”.

But you know what would be even more incredible? Hearing “If Music Could Talk” off the Sandinista album.

“If music could talk, which means whatever your mind can bring, like the apple fell off the tree, pah!, fell right on his head.”