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2015 Rides #43/44 (B-Lolly & Redux)

This summer has been a struggle at best. The doc now has me on meds for high-blood pressure (hydrochlorothiazide) which are banned substance under WADA/USADA regs, so it’s a good thing I’m not racing. Also on new meds for my asthma, and they’re both still new enough that my body is still trying to adapt. When I measure my blood pressure, it’s all over the place … really high when I first wake up (when you would expect it to be at its lowest), and then much lower after walking around for a little bit.

Time, I guess … just needs a little time to work.

Current weight: 219.4 lbs (99.5 kg).
2015 mileage: 797.4 miles (1283.23 km).