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Open Letter to Utah Restaurant Owners

Dear Utah Restaurant Owners:

If your employees work for tips, Utah & Federal law allows you to pay them a wage of only $2.13/hour, but as a former tip worker, I know for a fact that tip income is never guaranteed. I had nights where I made $70 in tips, and I had nights where I made $7.

So, as a consumer, I would like to know what your wage policies are. Do you pay your tipped employees at least the standard minimum wage of $7.25; the same as non-tipped employees? If so, I want to know, so I can make sure to patronize your business … and so I can avoid those businesses that pay the least amount they can legally get away with.

Show me that you support worker’s rights and believe that even tipped employees should have some sort of guaranteed wage that will allow them to still eat & pay rent even if tip income dries up, and I will do my best to help fill your cash registers with the money to allow you to continue to treat you workers fairly.

And if you hide your wage policies, then I can only assume that you’re only paying what is legally required instead of what should be morally required … and thus I want to know what businesses to avoid.

Thank you for your support.

Steven L. Sheffield
Holladay, Utah