2014 Ride #27 (Sheffield Loop)

Gorgeous day. Mid-50s and mostly sunny, with only the occasional sun-disappearing-behind-a-cloud chilly moments. Set a couple small PRs, but need to pick it up a little more to set a new PR on the Sheffield Loop (1:37:25 is the current PR), much less retake the Strava KOM for the ride (1:29:19) stolen from me by that son-of-unwed-parents Greg from Beehive Bicycles last summer, just so he can make me work to take it back. It will happpen. I’ve set a goal of retaking the KOM before the Crusher. Just gotta keep at it until I do.

Current weight: 209.0 lbs (94.8 kg).
2014 mileage: 543.6 miles (874.84 km).