2014 Ride #24 (HOW High Cadence)

When I saw the workout tonight, I thought, “Hey, that’s not too bad”; especially since based on what Dave said last week, I was anticipating a power test on Wednesday. Well, no power test on Wednesday … most likely because of all the racing going on this weekend, between the first ICUP race and the Valley of Fire Stage Race.

While I usually am struggling to keep my heart rate down during a workout, today was one of those days where I couldn’t get it up (“that’s what she never wants to hear”); maxed out at 146bpm, even though I was breathing like it was going 180bpm. I can only assume it’s fatigue from yesterday’s ride. It wouldn’t surprise me if I overdid it a little bit after Saturday’s failure to launch.

But here’s something good … Wednesday will be my 25th ride of the year; and unless I totally fail, I will also roll over 500 miles for the year thus far, something which took me until the middle of June last year. This makes me very happy.

Current weight: 208.6 lbs (94.6 kg).
2014 mileage: 486.5 miles (782.87 km).