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2014 Ride #9 (House of Watts FTP Testing)

House of Watts FTP testing tonight. Gotta tell you, the concept of this scared me a bit. Warm-up started off pretty well, but needed to dial back the FTP a bit during a 5-minute 100% block … so when the test itself started, my legs didn’t really want to ramp it up, so I put myself at an HR (roughly 160) & a cadence (roughly 90) that I knew I could sustain, and then tried to ramp it up as much as I could during the last 5 minutes and even more so the last 2 minutes.

I probably had a little more in the tank at the end than I should have, but if I had gone all out from the beginning, I’m pretty sure I would have blown in under 10 minutes. Mindset was do what I can to make it to the end, then try to finish strong and give it everything I’ve got at the end.

Dave is telling me that for the next few sessions I should try to ignore the HR numbers and just go off of perceived effort; perhaps even leaving the HR strap at home. I’m not sure I’m ready to leave the strap at home, but I’ll do what I can to ignore the numbers … if I can’t, then no strap.

Current weight: 207 lbs (93.9 kg).
2014 mileage: 162.8 miles (262.00 km).